On January 15, 2024, the Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services organized a cost-free Naturalization event for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. During the event hosted in Raleigh, dedicated staff members helped 18 individuals, guiding them through the intricate process of completing applications for naturalization and facilitating their applications for USCIS fee waivers.

The success of this endeavor was made possible through the volunteerism and support of Campbell Law students and pro bono attorneys, who generously contributed their time and expertise. Together, an environment was created where individuals seeking citizenship could navigate the complex paperwork and financial aspects with confidence, ensuring that the path to becoming a citizen is accessible to all who aspire to achieve it.

MLK Day stands as the only federal holiday recognized as a National Day of Service, urging all Americans to engage in volunteer activities aimed at enhancing their communities. Over the past 25 years, the MLK Day of Service has witnessed substantial growth, with its influence expanding as an increasing number of Americans adopt the belief that citizenship involves actively participating in community improvement.
The Naturalization event went beyond paperwork – it was a symbol of collaboration, community spirit, and a shared commitment to promoting access to citizenship. By extending support on occasions such as Martin Luther King, Jr Day, Catholic Charities continues its contributions to the ideals of social justice championed by Dr. King.

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