Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh provides professionally-trained bilingual clinical counseling services to individuals, couples, and families who:

• Are experiencing emotional distress
• Want to grow toward their full potential
• Are experiencing difficulty dealing with stress, depression or anxiety
• Desire increased skills to deal with life’s struggles
• Desire healing from grief, loss or strained relationships
• Behavioral dysregulation for children ages 3+

Counseling Services are provided from a perspective which recognizes the emotional, behavioral, cognitive, spiritual and physical aspects of an individuals’ healing or growth. Counseling is provided by licensed mental health therapists in English or Spanish in many areas of eastern North Carolina.

Services are $35 for uninsured or low income individuals/families. Services are available online or in person.

Caridades Católicas de la Diócesis de Raleigh brinda servicios de asesoramiento clínico bilingüe con capacitación profesional a personas, parejas y familias que:

• Están experimentando angustia emocional.
• Quieren crecer hasta alcanzar su máximo potencial.
• Tienen dificultades para lidiar con el estrés, la depresión o la ansiedad.
• Desean aumentar sus habilidades para afrontar las luchas de la vida.
• Deseo de curación del dolor, la pérdida o las relaciones tensas.
• Desregulación del comportamiento en niños de 3 años+

Los servicios de asesoramiento se brindan desde una perspectiva que reconoce los aspectos emocionales, conductuales, cognitivos, espirituales y físicos de la curación o el crecimiento de un individuo. En muchas áreas del este de Carolina del Norte, terapeutas de salud mental autorizados brindan asesoramiento en inglés o español.

Los servicios cuestan $35 para personas/familias sin seguro o de bajos ingresos. Servicios están disponible en línea o en persona.


Meet our team!

Raleigh Staff

Ruth DeVito- Clinical Director/Counselor


Ruth holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of South Florida and a master’s in mental health counseling from Argosy University. In 2017, she made the transition to North Carolina, where she has become a prominent figure in the field of mental health. Ruth is a licensed clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC) and qualified supervisor (QS) in North Carolina, as well as a registered play therapist (RPT).

Before joining Catholic Charities, Ruth gained extensive experience in diverse settings, including private practice, inpatient facilities, community mental health, and mobile crisis. This rich experience has equipped her with a broad perspective and a deep understanding of the mental health landscape.

Her professional approach incorporates a diverse range of theories and techniques to benefit her clients. Ruth employs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help individuals, families, and couples to manage their thoughts and emotions, fosters a person-centered atmosphere to promote self-exploration, and utilizes child-centered play therapy to connect with younger clients on their level. Her commitment to promoting emotional well-being extends to the practice of mindfulness and a strong awareness of cultural diversity.

Ruth’s dedication to the field is further exemplified by her current pursuit of a doctorate degree in Counselor Education and Supervision, which demonstrates her commitment to enhancing her expertise and contributing to the education of future counselors.

Outside of her professional and academic pursuits, Ruth enjoys quality time with her family, maintaining an active lifestyle through workouts, and satisfying her love for exploration through travel and hiking. She’s an avid reader, and her diverse interests make her a well-rounded and compassionate mental health professional.

Jasmine Monroe – Counseling Intern


Jasmine is currently pursuing her master’s in clinical mental health counseling with a focus on marriage and family therapy at Colorado Christian University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, which she obtained from Fayetteville State University in 2019. Jasmine brings an integrative approach to her counseling practice, incorporating Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavioral, Adlerian, and Systemic theories.

Her specialized interests lie in developmental psychology, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Gottman Method, art therapy, and play therapy. These varied techniques allow her to address the unique needs of individuals, couples, families, and children, promoting healing in diverse therapeutic settings.

She is passionate about supporting individuals as they navigate life’s experiences. Jasmine’s commitment to a holistic approach, combining various therapeutic modalities, reflects her dedication to tailored and effective mental health care. Eager to collaborate with you on your journey, Jasmine brings a warm and understanding presence to her counseling practice, fostering a space for healing and growth.


Morgan Mason – Counseling Intern


Morgan is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) with the University of Louisville in Kentucky. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science from Autin Peay State University in Tennessee with minors in Family Studies and Communication Arts. She is a Kentucky native (and University of Kentucky Basketball fan!) and currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and daughter.

As an Active-Duty military spouse for the past 14 years, Morgan has become intimately familiar with the challenges and triumphs of living within the military community including navigating 5 deployments, 4 duty stations, and raising a family. Through her own continuing journey, she has gained many life experiences that shape her practice of mental health and wellness both personally and professionally.

Morgan’s clinical interests are heavily influenced by Complementary and Alternative Methods of treatment in conjunction with evidence-based practice. Morgan understands and appreciates that everyone she encounters has a unique story to tell. Her passion for mental health care highlights the need for everyone to receive comprehensive, wholistic treatment that encompasses a wide range of tools to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Her methods incorporate modalities that include nutrition and lifestyle management, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Vagal Nerve Stimulation, Mindfulness, Trauma Focused-CBT, and others to support a wide range of Anxiety and Mood Disorders, ADHD, PTSD and beyond.

Morgan is eager to meet you wherever you are on this journey through life to empower you to self actualize towards a future and balance you deserve.


Benjamin McCook – Counseling Intern


Benjamin is pursuing his Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling through Walden University. He graduated from University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts and completed a Master of Education program through Western Governors University. He has a background working with diverse groups of adult learners in various settings.

Benjamin’s therapeutic approach is a collaborative exploration of the client’s unique experience, acknowledging the challenges clients are facing, and building the internal resources needed to live a full and meaningful life. This is accomplished through various therapeutic modalities such as Person-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

In addition to counseling modalities, he incorporates holistic approaches to therapy, including meta-cognition, nutrition, and spirituality. Each client is on a unique journey; Benjamin is looking forward to joining you, and helping you succeed and thrive.

Newton Grove

Stephanie Manosalvas – Clinical Family Support Specialist


Stephanie is a dedicated professional who embarked on her journey in social work with a Bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University in 2017. Eager to deepen her understanding and impact, she furthered her education at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, earning a Master’s in Social Work. Stephanie has since become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Associate in North Carolina.

Her career at Catholic Charities, which began in 2017, has been marked by meaningful contributions. Initially joining as an Emergency Assistance Coordinator and Family Case Manager for the Tar River Region, Stephanie played a crucial role in assisting survivors of Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Florence. Her leadership in parenting and support groups, in collaboration with various agencies like The Salvation Army, Lutheran Services, Town of Washington, and Governor Roy Cooper’s office, underscored her dedication to comprehensive care.

In June 2023, Stephanie embraced a new role as a Clinical Family Support Specialist for the Newton Grove Region. Here, she applies her extensive experience to work with individuals, families, and couples, fostering healthy relationships and exploring emotions through diverse therapeutic techniques. Her specialization in trauma-focused work with children aged 18 and younger demonstrates a holistic approach to mental health.

Beyond her professional achievements, Stephanie finds joy in her personal life. She cherishes moments with family, friends, and her dog. An avid traveler, Stephanie has been fortunate to explore numerous countries in South America and Europe. Her love for television and films, inherited from her parents, adds a cultural dimension to her interests.
Stephanie is currently welcoming new clients, embodying her passion for supporting individuals of all ages and backgrounds, with the added ability to communicate fluently in both English and Spanish.


The Catholic Charities Clinical Counseling Program, is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate mental health support to individuals, couples, and families. Our range of services is designed to address diverse needs and promote holistic well-being, guided by our commitment to multicultural awareness and trauma-informed care.

Individual Counseling

Our licensed and experienced counselors offer one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique needs and challenges. Whether you’re navigating personal struggles, stress, anxiety, or other mental health concerns, our individual counseling services provide a confidential and supportive space for healing and growth.

Family and Marriage Counseling

We understand the importance of strong family bonds and healthy relationships, acknowledging that families come in all shapes and sizes. Our skilled therapists help facilitate open communication and offer guidance to navigate challenges. Whether you’re a couple, a small family, or a large extended family, our counseling services are tailored to meet the unique dynamics and needs of families of all sizes.

Premarital Counseling

Preparing for a lifelong commitment is a significant step. Our premarital counseling services provide couples with the tools to navigate the journey ahead. From communication strategies to conflict resolution skills, we offer guidance to ensure a strong foundation for your marriage. Our counselors address topics such as expectations, values, and building a resilient partnership.

Group Counseling and Psychoeducational Workshops

Connect with others who may be facing similar challenges through our group counseling sessions and workshops. These collaborative environments provide a supportive community where individuals can share experiences, learn coping strategies, and foster a sense of belonging. Our workshops cover a variety of topics, promoting personal development and emotional well-being. Call us to inquire about upcoming sessions.

Telehealth Services

Recognizing the evolving needs of our community, we offer telehealth services to provide convenient access to counseling from the comfort of your home through a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform. Virtual sessions ensure continuity of care, enabling individuals and families to receive support regardless of geographical constraints.

Play Therapy

For our younger clients, we offer play therapy (PT) as a specialized approach to address emotional and behavioral issues. PT utilizes creative and expressive techniques to help children communicate and process their emotions in a safe and nurturing environment.

Clinical Supervision

For aspiring Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associates (LCMHCA), we are pleased to offer dedicated supervision with our experienced supervisor. Our supervisor provides guidance, feedback, and a structured learning environment to help you develop the necessary skills and competencies. Our supervision services aim to prepare you for the next steps in your counseling career while adhering to ethical and best practice standards.

Mental Health Resources

If you or someone you know is in crisis, several helplines operate 24/7 to provide immediate assistance. These helplines offer support for various mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Crisis Text Line: Text “HELLO” to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Hope4NC Helpline: 1-855-587-3463

National Mental Health & Substance Abuse Helpline: 1-800-662-4357

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233


El Programa de Consejería de Caridades Católicas está comprometido a brindar apoyo de salud mental integral y compasivo a individuos, parejas y familias. Nuestra gama de servicios está diseñada para abordar diversas necesidades y promover el bienestar integral, guiados por nuestro compromiso con la conciencia multicultural y la atención informada sobre el trauma.

Asesoramiento Individual

Nuestros consejeros autorizados y experimentados ofrecen sesiones individuales adaptadas a sus necesidades y desafíos únicos. Ya sea que esté atravesando luchas personales, estrés, ansiedad u otros problemas de salud mental, nuestros servicios de asesoramiento individual brindan un espacio confidencial y de apoyo para la curación y el crecimiento.

Consejería familiar y matrimonial

Entendemos la importancia de vínculos familiares fuertes y relaciones saludables, reconociendo que las familias vienen en todas las formas y tamaños. Nuestros terapeutas capacitados ayudan a facilitar la comunicación abierta y ofrecen orientación para afrontar los desafíos. Ya sea que sean una pareja, una familia pequeña o una familia numerosa, nuestros servicios de asesoramiento están diseñados para satisfacer las dinámicas y necesidades únicas de familias de todos los tamaños.

Consejería prematrimonial

Prepararse para un compromiso de por vida es un paso importante. Nuestros servicios de asesoramiento prematrimonial brindan a las parejas las herramientas para recorrer el camino que les espera. Desde estrategias de comunicación hasta habilidades de resolución de conflictos, ofrecemos orientación para garantizar una base sólida para su matrimonio. Nuestros consejeros abordan temas como expectativas, valores y la construcción de una asociación resiliente.

Asesoramiento Grupal y Talleres Psicoeducativos

Conéctese con otras personas que puedan estar enfrentando desafíos similares a través de nuestras sesiones y talleres de asesoramiento grupal. Estos entornos colaborativos brindan una comunidad de apoyo donde las personas pueden compartir experiencias, aprender estrategias de afrontamiento y fomentar un sentido de pertenencia. Nuestros talleres cubren una variedad de temas, promoviendo el desarrollo personal y el bienestar emocional. Llámanos para preguntar sobre próximas sesiones.

Servicios de telesalud

Reconociendo las necesidades cambiantes de nuestra comunidad, ofrecemos servicios de telesalud para brindar acceso conveniente a asesoramiento desde la comodidad de su hogar a través de una plataforma segura y que cumple con HIPAA. Las sesiones virtuales garantizan la continuidad de la atención, permitiendo que las personas y las familias reciban apoyo independientemente de las limitaciones geográficas.

Terapia de juego

Para nuestros clientes más jóvenes, ofrecemos terapia de juego como un enfoque especializado para abordar problemas emocionales y de comportamiento. Terapia de juego utiliza técnicas creativas y expresivas para ayudar a los niños a comunicarse y procesar sus emociones en un ambiente seguro y enriquecedor.

Supervisión clínica

Para los aspirantes a consejeros asociados clínicos de salud mental con licencia (LCMHCA), nos complace ofrecer supervisión dedicada con nuestro supervisor experimentado. Nuestro supervisor brinda orientación, retroalimentación y un entorno de aprendizaje estructurado para ayudarlo a desarrollar las habilidades y competencias necesarias. Nuestros servicios de supervisión tienen como objetivo prepararlo para los siguientes pasos en su carrera de consejería, respetando al mismo tiempo los estándares éticos y de mejores prácticas.

Recursos de salud mental

Si usted o alguien que conoce está en crisis, varias líneas de ayuda funcionan las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana para brindar asistencia inmediata. Estas líneas de ayuda ofrecen apoyo para diversos problemas de salud mental, como depresión, ansiedad y pensamientos suicidas.

Línea de texto de crisis: envíe “HOLA” al 741741

Línea de vida nacional para la prevención del suicidio: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Línea de ayuda Hope4NC: 1-855-587-3463

Línea de ayuda nacional de salud mental y abuso de sustancias: 1-800-662-4357

Línea directa nacional contra la violencia doméstica: 1-800-799-7233