Catholic Charities employees receive the same benefits that employees of the Diocese of Raleigh receive. Please reference the Diocese of Raleigh Human Resources Benefits page for more information.

Human Resources Forms


Intern Level C Packet
Volunteer Level A & B Packet
Volunteer Level C Packet

Individual Forms


Intern Level C Checklist
Volunteer Level A and Level B Checklist
Volunteer Level C Checklist

Employment Information and Forms

Catholic Charities Employee Handbook
CCUSA Code of Ethics
Code of Conduct
Confidentiality Agreement
Conflict of Interest Policy-Catholic Charities
Disclosure of Request for Consumer Report
Electronic Accounts Setup 2020
Emergency Information Sheet
Expense Report Form 2021
I-9 Form 2019
NC-4 Tax Form 2019
NC-4EZ Tax Form 2019
Personal Info Form for Adoption Workers
Personal Info Form for Interns
Personal Info Form for Employees & Volunteers (Annual)
Reference Check Form
Volunteer Application Level C
W-4 Tax Form 2020

Benefits Information and Forms

Beneficiary Designation Form
Benefit Eligibility
BENEFITS SUMMARY – Regular Part-time
CBEBT Enrollment Form
Consult A Doctor Information
Dental Plan
Employees Turning 65
Family-Medical Leave
Flexible Spending Accounts 2021
Life Insurance August 2019
Long-Term Disability
Medical Plan
Open Enrollment
Premium Rates for Healthcare Benefits
Prescription Drug Plan
Vacation Request Form
Workers’ Compensation Claims Reporting Process
403 B Plan
403 B Automatic Enrollment Notice 2020