AmeriCorps VISTA Communications Specialist

Part-Time (Temporary)
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Job Description: The VISTA Communication Specialist will (1) capture content for the agency’s online presence including: website, social media, and email communications. (2) Develop printed marketing materials including: brochures, newsletters, and fundraising materials. (3) Craft ideas for creative marketing campaigns. (4) Create volunteer recruitment materials. (5) Travel to regional offices throughout central and eastern North Carolina to interview staff and clients for stories. (6) Promote and attend agency fundraising and program events. (7) Assist with media coverage, public service announcements, and other public relations engagements. And (8) Develop relationships with partner agencies to increase collaborative communications. Proficiency in Spanish is preferred, but not required.

About the Opportunity: This is an AmeriCorps sponsored position. Applicants must apply through the AmeriCorps portal and meet AmeriCorps requirements and guidelines.

School Counselor / School Social Worker

Contract / Part-Time
Location: Cary, North Carolina

Job Description: In this contract position, the role of the school counselor is to ensure learning for all students within the framework of Christian principles. The counselor works with the faculty and staff, along with parents and students, to ensure that emotional, psychological, and family functioning needs are addressed to ensure optimal performance in the school setting.