Gordon Davis started volunteering in February 2020 at the Durham Community Food Pantry and has since become a key volunteer. Davis, more commonly known as “G-man,” loves gluten-free, savory foods! He is always ready to better serve the clients of our community and always looks out for his fellow volunteers.

Davis initially stepped in to help with food distribution, serving the community during our drive-through operations hours. He also frequently used his handyman skills to repair items around the pantry. However, with the increase in clients due to Covid-19, the pantry had to reorganize their volunteer positions. Luckily, Cameron Morgan (assistant director), knew Davis would be a perfect fit in the warehouse.

Starting as a Restock Volunteer, Davis quickly moved on to become the Warehouse Lead Volunteer. Davis is now in charge of keeping the warehouse organized during and after distributions, restocking items, assisting in warehouse best practices, and helping out wherever needed. For example, even though sorting eggs is his least favorite task, he regularly steps in to give other volunteers a break.

When the pantry decided to dedicate Monday to dry goods box making, Davis stepped up in leading the group. Additionally, Davis and intern Erin Buthman worked collaboratively this spring to strategize, plan, introduce, and help staff operate a mobile pantry. Their enthusiasm and dedication, along with that of so many hard-working volunteers was crucial in establishing this program 3-5 years earlier than anticipated.

The pantry is blessed to have such a dedicated volunteer who devotes over 15 hours a week at the pantry. Those who work with Davis delight in his humor, clever quips and family anecdotes. Davis’ positive personality and helpful hands keep the pantry thriving.