Kristine is a retired schoolteacher who was born and raised on a small farm in Kansas.  She has two children and one grandchild. Kris loves to read, craft, cook, and travel the world.  Her husband is a retired Airforce Pilot and together they have traveled the world.

One day when taking a break from travel and her other hobbies, Kris noticed a volunteer opportunity with the Catholic Charities Fayetteville Office on the bulletin board at St. Patrick’s church.  After calling the number on the flyer and learning more about the opportunity, she decided to sign up.

Six years later, Kris continues to serve her community by volunteering with Catholic Charities. When asked why she continues to come back, she stated, “I enjoy volunteering because there are so many families in need who really appreciate and accept gracefully the help we provide.”  She continued to explain best way to help families is “To put your judgment aside and help with grace.”