The Newman Catholic Student Center Parish at UNC Chapel Hill (NCSCP) is a pivotal and invaluable partner to the Catholic Charities Durham Community Food Pantry (DCFP). Since the inception of the DCFP, the NCSCP has been an ardent supporter in providing food drives, as well as individual donations.

This fall, the NCSCP held their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive in support of the DCFP, titled the “Trunk to Truck Thanksgiving Food Drive.” Through this effort, parishioners donated groceries in the week leading up to Thanksgiving.

Volunteers representing UNC students, parishioners, which included a family of five, staff member Therese Taxis, and Friar Tim, Pastor of NCSCP joined in the effort to load the collected donations which filled the 30-foot DCFP box truck. One volunteer stated, “Two hours, the length of a movie, helped address food insecurity which has increased significantly due to COVID.”

To date, the support of NCSCP has contributed almost 6,000 pounds of food since May of 2019.

“Through the support and praise of partners like the Newman Catholic Student Center, we are able make important strides in addressing food insecurity in Durham County.” shared David Juarez-Torres, program director for the Durham Community Food Pantry.