Severe weather passed through eastern North Carolina on Friday night with a tornado touching down in Beaufort County. This is the second tornado to touch down in Beaufort County in a 3-week time period. The other was in Belhaven.

Our Catholic Charities regional directors have reported that impacted areas include Beaufort County (Washington and Chocowinity), Pasquotank County (Elizabeth City), Pitt County, Greene County, and Bertie County.

In Beaufort County, Catholic Charities reports there were 16 injuries, approximately 100 homes damaged, and 3,300 homes lost power. There is no damage at Mother of Mercy parish in Washington, NC. Catholic Charities is working with the Red Cross to develop a response to the needs as damage assessment continues. A state of emergency has been declared in Beaufort County, which triggers additional sources of  funding.

In response to this disaster Catholic Charities:

  • is able to provide for food replacement of spoiled food due to power outages,
  • will collaborate with Emergency Management and other responders to ensure that home repairs or relocation of families will be able to be completed
  • will provide ongoing case management to meet financial and re-building needs of families
  • is available to provide emotional support, as requested, for families experiencing loss

In Elizabeth City, Catholic Charities has determined minimal injuries were reported and some power outages, which were projected to be resolved by Saturday afternoon.

Catholic Charities has communicated no damage at Holy Family Parish. Additionally Catholic Charities has been in contact with the local Red Cross, with whom it will partner to respond to needs of families, through outreach such as food replacement, and any ongoing repair needs.

In Pitt, Greene, and Bertie Counties, Catholic Charities has received reports of wind damage in specific locations, no significant injuries and some power outages.

Catholic Charities has been in contact with other Pastors in affected areas, with no report of damage yet received.  Damage has also been reported in the Winterville area (Pitt County) and Catholic Charities will monitor if assistance is needed for families there.

Those wishing to make a donation to help with Catholic Charities disaster response efforts, please contact Gary Skinner at (919) 821-9752.