St. Paul Catholic Church and Faith Connection of New Bern invited the faith community to a special open house gathering following the Eucharistic procession celebrating the Feast of Corpus Christi. The event took place on the last day of May at the old St. Paul Catholic Church on Middle Street in New Bern following Friday Mass.


The celebration began with a solemn and beautiful Eucharistic procession, a tradition honoring the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist—led by Deacon Jim Hackett, Deacon Jim Fisher of St. Paul Catholic Church, and Bishop Charles Dudley of New Beginnings Ministry of Faith.  The procession participants walked through the heart of the city to traffic circle in downtown New Bern, where the Blessing of the City, symbolizing the presence of Christ among the community, was held.


Following the procession, an open house at Catholic Charities – New Bern Regional office offered an opportunity for all to gather in fellowship. Catholic Charities Program Director Kitti Hardison said, “The open house at Catholic Charities provided a beautiful opportunity for fellowship, strengthening the bonds of our faith community and celebrating the unity that defines us.”


City officials, including Mayor Jeffrey Odham, Alderman Bob Brinson, and other community leaders celebrated this significant feast day alongside parishioners and visitors. The open house featured refreshments, faith, fellowship, and unity.


This event not only commemorates the Feast of Corpus Christi but also highlights the spirit of unity and togetherness that defines the Blessing of the City. The collaboration of religious and civic leaders underscores the harmonious relationship between faith and community life in our city. Hardison added, “Values of faith and public service come together to enrich the lives of all residents in our New Bern and Craven County communities.”