Ten days ago I shared that we were temporarily suspending food pantry services. During this time, we have been working tirelessly with a pandemic expert and team of volunteers who have successfully created a plan that allows Catholic Charities to move forward during this pandemic. The team focused its efforts on four key areas:

• COVID-19 education and training for staff and volunteers
• Evaluating the client in-take process
• Cleaning and safety practices
• Adapting best practices for all offices

In addition, a virtual training program has been created to ensure that all staff and volunteers are aware of process changes, best practices, and the safest and most efficient ways to serve our guests.

As a result, I am excited to share the news that our food pantries will begin opening to clients over the next week. More details about when each food pantry will open and operate have been posted to our website.

We are thrilled that our food pantry services will rejoin our additional core programs that have continued throughout the pandemic: Disaster Services, Immigration Services, and Services in Support of the Family.

Catholic Charities continues to feel blessed by the support and prayers of our community, and we are honored to serve your neighbors in need, as well as serve alongside our volunteers. Because of this strong community, Catholic Charities is looking forward to opening the doors to our brothers and sisters in need!