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You are invited to volunteer at CPO! For safety reasons all volunteers under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Anyone aged 16-18 needs to have  confirmation from their parent or guardian to volunteer without an adult.  They can work with the volunteer coordinator for this step.

Also, for safety reasons you are required to wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes.

You can volunteer one time, once a month, once a week, or as frequently as your and our schedule permits. We ask that volunteers arrive 30 minutes before we open the doors to serving clients to prepare for distribution and plan to stay 30 minutes after closing time to clean up the work area for the next day.  For hours and days of operation please refer to the top of the home page.

Note: The people we support in our community are referred to as our “Neighbors.”

Volunteer Coordinator Contact Information

Darcy Hull
Volunteer Coordinator
E-mail: CPOvol.Coordinator@ccharitiesdor.org
Phone: 919-847-1466 (Accepts Text Messages)

Volunteer Opportunities


The volunteer who greets our “Neighbors” at the door.

  • Welcomes our Neighbors in as they arrive at CPO
  • Helps them sign in, provides them with a tracking number, and intake form when necessary
  • Answers Neighbors questions and gives guidance

Work: Light, desk duty
Requires: Good people skills
Spanish language skills are a plus

Shift: 4 hours


Receives order #’s via walkie talkie and confirms

Locates Neighbors as their #’s are called and escorts them to the front door to receive their food

Work Duty: Light

Requires: Good people skills, standing, walking, speaking to Neighbors and using a walkie talkie

Spanish language skills is a plus

Shift: 4 hours


Interviewers (fluent in English and/or Spanish) will complete a brief intake with the Neighbor being served to collect relevant data necessary to fulfill the USDA requirements, and then submit an order request. Interviewers must be comfortable dealing with people and be sensitive to their needs and challenges. We serve people of all languages and races, and assist them to the best of our ability. Computer skills are necessary for data entry and record keeping.

Work: Light, desk work
Requirements: Good people skills, computer skills

Spanish language skills are a plus, but not necessary

Shift: 4 hours

Food Area/Runners

Volunteers who work in the food area will be packing boxes, sorting and packing vegetables, assembling orders, and stocking shelves.

Runners push food carts out to the Neighbors cars and load the groceries.

Work: Light to medium.

Requirements:  Most positions require frequent lifting and standing to complete tasks.
Some work assignments can be adjusted to a volunteer’s needs on an individual basis.

Spanish language skills are a plus for Runners, but not necessary

Shift: 4 hours

Clothing Area

Volunteers working in the clothing area assist clients who are choosing maternity and/or childrens clothing for children 4 years old and younger. Clothing sizes are 0-6T .

Work: Light, light lifting and standing

Requirements: Good people skills

Spanish language skills are a plus

Shift: 4 hours


Volunteers working in the warehouse receive and store canned, boxed, and refrigerated food.

Work: Varies from medium to strenuous

Requirements: Lifting items up to 50 lb., using a pallet jack, occasionally driving the CPO box truck

Additional: Select volunteers may be trained on the forklift

Shift: 6 hours

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