Hunger in our communities is an issue that far too many families are experiencing. A lack of nutritious meals can have long lasting effects on the physical, mental, and social well-being of all members of a family. In response to this need, Catholic Charities operates five food pantries in central and eastern North Carolina.

We recognize that addressing hunger requires a community response. Therefore, Catholic Charities leverages the support of community partners to provide over 3 million pounds of food to families in need each year. Catholic Charities Food Pantry Services are dedicated to distributing healthy groceries, increasing access to food, and developing innovative solutions to address food insecurity in a collaborative way.

On each visit, families receive a week’s worth of groceries, helping to fill the gap that families experience once their resources have been exhausted and before they receive their next paycheck.  Once their immediate need for food is addressed, Catholic Charities staff and volunteers may connect families to other critical services that aim to remove barriers to self-sufficiency, increasing access to opportunities and creating hope for a better future.  With dignity and respect at the forefront of all interactions, families are offered a hand up during their most challenging times.

In addition to feeding our neighbors, Catholic Charities Food Pantry Services serve as a medium for volunteerism, community engagement, and collaboration.