maty-sworn-into-governors-latino-advisory-councilFor the past year, Ms. Maty Ferrer, Director of Centro para Familias Hispanas, a program of Catholic Charities, attended the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs meetings as a member of the public.  During that time, she had the opportunity to be an active participant and contribute to the topics that were being discussed.  This allowed the council to see not only her knowledge, but also the passion Ms. Ferrer brought to representing and advocating for the Hispanic/Latino community.

As a result of Ms. Ferrer’s dedication, she was recently appointed to the Advisory Council for a two year term.  Ms. Ferrer will be one of 15 voting members of the council who are appointed by the Governor.  The council is made of up 12 additional ex-officio non-voting members who are appointed from various government offices.

governors-latino-advisory-councilMs. Ferrer stated that, “Being part of this committee is an honor and also a responsibility. I am excited to be a voice for my community, I want to make sure the needs of the Hispanic/Latino community are heard.”

As an experienced leader in service provision, Ms. Ferrer will bring a unique perspective to the council.  Ms. Ferrer has years of expertise working directly with the vulnerable members of the Hispanic/Latino community.  Ms. Ferrer will share her valuable experience with the community as a member of the council.

“It has been a privilege for Catholic Charities to serve the Hispanic community through services at Centro para Familias Hispanas since 1997.” Mr. Rick Miller-Haraway, Catholic Charities Raleigh Regional Director, stated.  “The mission of Centro para Familias Hispanas is to provide services to help our Hispanic community meet their basic needs so that all can be full participating members of our community.  Catholic Charities is honored to have Ms. Ferrer representing and advocating for the Latinos in our area.”

This Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs provides multiple services to the governor and state regarding Hispanic/Latino affairs.  The group advises the Governor on issues relating to the Hispanic/Latino community in North Carolina.  They support state efforts to promote cooperation and understanding between the Hispanic/Latino community, the general public, and the state, federal and local government.  Finally, the council provides a forum for the discussion of issues concerning the Hispanic/Latino community in North Carolina and supports efforts towards the improvement of race and ethnic relations.