2021 DCFP Christmas Cards

As you likely know, the Durham Community Food Pantry has served as a light for many people in need throughout the challenging days of the pandemic. In fact, this year, we have provided enough nutritious groceries to feed over 50,000 people, with this number continuing to grow. As a way to help continue this work, and honor your loved ones this Christmas, we invite you to take part in the Durham Community Food Pantry’s Christmas Honor Card program. This is a beautiful way to send your love to family and friends, as well as your neighbors in need.

This year’s card is a festive depiction of the Durham Community Food Pantry, created specifically for Catholic Charities by local student, Emma Bailey, from Apex, NC.

How it works:

· You can either purchase cards online by clicking one of the buttons to the right, or using the enclosed form, provide us with the names and addresses of those you would like to honor.

· For a minimum of $10.00 per card, we will send a beautiful Christmas honor card to your recipients.

· If you prefer to mail the cards yourself, please email David.Juarez@ccharitiesdor.org to let us know how many cards you would like, and you can pick them up at Durham Community Food Pantry.

· Your gift may qualify as a charitable tax-deductible gift for federal income tax purposes.

*Please place multiple orders if you would like to purchase more than 10 cards

Your support has been absolutely critical over the past 18 months, and we remain grateful for your ongoing dedication to the Durham Community Food Pantry. We ask that you please consider giving the gifts of love, community spirit, and healthy groceries this holiday season. Your participation will make a huge difference as we work to provide help, create hope, and serve all throughout our community.