Recently, reports have been shared about the shameful conduct of some priests within the Catholic Church. We share the sentiment that our Bishop, Bishop Luis Rafael, has already shared in his statement on August 22, expressing his grief and concern over the actions that took place in the Church.

At Catholic Charities, we respect the rights of all individuals and 100% of our funding goes to helping our brothers and sisters in need. Our vision at Catholic Charities, inspired by God’s love and compassion, respects the dignity of all individuals and recognizes the need for collaboration to provide help and create hope for the most vulnerable in our community.

We will not veer from that vision and hold the safety of all people whose care is entrusted to us with the utmost regard.  In the early 2000’s, new rules and guidelines were established to ensure a safe environment for children. We take great care in following these guidelines in all our offices.

We ask for your prayers at this time of confusion and tumult in our Church and pray for God’s blessing upon us.