On Monday, March 23rd, three individuals were killed and one was injured when the scaffolding equipment they were working on collapsed at a construction site in downtown Raleigh. Following the accident, there was an outpouring of support from the community to help the families who were impacted by this tragic accident.

In the weeks and months following the event, Catholic Charities collected nearly $60,000 in donations. These donations were distributed to the four families impacted by the event, either by losing a loved one or having a loved one seriously injured. While no amount of money can replace a family member, these donations helped these families to take their first steps in recovering and rebuilding their lives.

Catholic Charities also provided on-site support immediately following the tragedy. The accident shocked the other construction workers and left four families forever changed. Catholic Charities made two bilingual clinical counselors available to help the workers impacted by the event.

The two bilingual clinical counselors met with construction workers who either knew the victims or were present when the accident occurred. These staff members educated the affected individuals on potential symptoms they may face after experiencing such trauma and on strategies they could implement to manage those feelings.