Full Time (Temporary)
Location: Durham, North Carolina

Job Description: The AmeriCorps member will use the American Heart Association’s Healthy for Life education program to work towards changing behaviors regarding food and nutrition for clients. No specialization in nutrition or a college degree is necessary. The member will assist with volunteer coordination, pantry operations, and other tasks. Due to COVID restrictions, the nutrition goals and outcomes of the position will be achieved using a combination of social media, website, and other virtual tools. The pantry currently uses a curbside distribution model. The AmeriCorps member will demonstrate cooking techniques virtually and prepare delicious and healthy food with the help of volunteers, enabling clients to acquire new skills to prepare more nutritious meals. The member will provide healthy, culturally competent recipes to clients, as well as increase their knowledge in shopping for healthy foods. The member will conduct outreach to the community to raise awareness as well as seek out new partners.

About the Opportunity: This is an AmeriCorps sponsored position. Applicants must apply through the AmeriCorps portal and meet AmeriCorps requirements and guidelines.

Required Qualifications: High School diploma/GED; proficient in the following areas: communications, community organization, computers/technology, conflict resolution, education, public speaking, recruitment, general skills, environment, non-profit management, social services, team work; knowledge of and commitment to Catholic social teachings and practices and the mission of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh; valid NC Driver’s License and a vehicle in working order for business use; authorized to work in the U.S.

Nutrition background preferred.

*Job responsibilities may involve travel and some work beyond the regularly scheduled workdays, i.e., weekends and evenings as scheduled, and as needed.

To apply, visit the AmeriCorps website.