Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew devastated many parts of eastern North Carolina.  Catholic Charities responded by providing immediate assistance in the form of donated food and water, baby items, and cleaning supplies.  Catholic Charities staff continue to assist families with finding safe and stable housing after being forced from their homes.  The group NC Catholics Volunteer was also formed following Hurricane Matthew to provide an opportunity to help in the repair of damaged homes.

If you would like to contribute to the ongoing Matthew Recovery efforts, please visit our donation page and select “Disaster Services” from the drop down menu.  If you are interested in volunteering with NC Catholics Volunteer, click here.

Please keep the families impacted by Hurricane Matthew and the volunteers assisting in the response efforts in your thoughts and prayers.

How You Can Help

Our faith calls us to care for our brothers and sisters in need. If you are interested in volunteering please visit